Membership is NOT required to enrol, but it sure does offer a lot of amazing benefits such as:

  • 10% off all regular programs (some 3rd party exclusions)
  • 10% off workshops and special events
  • 10% off camp and pa day camps
  • 50% off play at all locations
  • 10% off single session classes
  • $25.00 off party booking
  • Membership valid for one (1) year from date of purchase
  • Subscription to our newsletter with coupons and deals
  • 10% off renewal of membership (while active)

Cost $59.00 per year (+ HST)

*Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable and (1) membership is valid for parents & children from the same household. 

*Memberships are valid at all locations but must be purchased at preferred home location

Reasons to join us, and continue to come back

At oaks ‘n acorns you can do a variety of different activities all built around a community of moms and parents coming together to participate in classes with their child or children. Parents and children develop friendships in an open and inviting community setting, because our studio has no time restrictions on your visit, enabling parents and children to enjoy both their program, and some social playtime together.

Programs for parents and children

  • Participate in programs throughout the year in interest such as music, dance, gym, fitness, art, educational and play.

Play together

  • Enjoy a fun, clean and educational play area before and after your class.

Enjoy our studio Cafe

  • Enjoy an in-studio cafe open only to patrons participating in class or play.

Be part of a community of parents

  • No need to rush out the door, our unique studio is set up in a way that fosters community and is the perfect setting for social fun and meeting other new parent friends who continue to come back.
  • Parents come to oaks ‘n acorns because not only is it super fun for children, but it is fun for parents. The founders of oaks ‘n acorns created the activity studio with the vision to 
“Be the best place for parents to connect with their children, and with each other”, something that we are proud to live up to!