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Danforth: 416-425-3213 – [email protected]

Junction: 416-604-3300 – [email protected]

oaks ‘n acorns Inc. reserve the right to cancel or reschedule a class due to low enrolment, instructor illness, or other reasons beyond our control. Customer will be noticed immediately and offered a makeup class or refund without penalty.

oaks ‘n acorns Inc. reserves the right to remove a class participant due to improper behaviour.

oaks ‘n acorns Inc. reserves the right to not allow participant into a class when arriving more than 15 minutes after the start of class.

All clients visiting for services are required to sign the studio liability release form. Below you will find a copy for your records.

Liability Release form while on premise

By signing this form you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions: I hereby release oaks ‘n acorns Inc. and any individual teaching/working at oaks ‘n acorns Inc. from any and all liability while on the premise of oaks ‘n acorns for myself and children and additional people listed for the purpose of classes, play, parties or café visits or any other visit type.

Although every effort has been made to ensure student safety while on premise and/or in class, there are risk due to the physical nature associated with classes/play and injuries may occur.

oaks ‘n acorns Inc. and any individual instructor/staff at oaks ‘n acorns Inc. is not held responsible or legally liable for injuries sustained due to participation in class/play/social visit or injury endured while on premise of oaks ‘n acorns Inc. for any reason.

You and/or your child must be fully able to participate in all activities as set forth by the course outline.

oaks ‘n acorns Inc. or a teacher of oaks ‘n acorns Inc. must be informed if a student is unable to fully participate in a class.

oaks ‘n acorns Inc. has no control over and assumes no responsibility for the practices of any 3rd party company teaching at oaks ‘n acorns Inc.

I expressly relieve oaks ‘n acorns Inc. from any and all liability arising from the practices of any 3rd party.

All terms and conditions are listed clearly on our website under FAQ and are subject to change at any time.

Clients are required to make themselves familiar with oaks ‘n acorns terms and conditions before signing up for a program/class/workshop/play.

Makeup class policy for  6-10 week programs
Makeup classes are a courtesy based on class availability.   
  • A makeup class will only be VALIDATED if advance notice of your ABSENCE is given a minimum of 3-hours prior to class time. (Email preferred).  *This way someone else can take your spot and vice versa when you need a makeup class.   
  • AN ABSENCE, WITHOUT NOTICE, DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR A MAKEUP CLASS.  We do not release your spot, so an absence without notice is a considered attended.
  • A maximum of two (2) makeup classes per term.
  • Makeup classes EXPIRE at the end of each term.
  • A scheduled makeup class cannot be rescheduled.

Once your absence has been emailed to us, we will reply and validate a makeup class for you in the system. A makeup class can also be used for a play-visit. 

This policy only applies to semester programs and does not apply to camps, speciality programs, Lil’ Learners and workshops. 

No outdoor shoes are permitted in the studio. Please bring indoor shoes, or non-slip socks.

We offer outdoor secure chain stroller parking and recommend that you bring your own lock. You are welcome to borrow one of our locks should you forget.

oaks ‘n acorns is not responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged while on location for any reason.

If you have lost an item please inform a staff member. Found items will be kept on location for max 3 months whereafter they will be donated.

On occasion, oaks ‘n acorns will use photographs, as well as audio and video recordings in their marketing, training, and promotional programs. As a member or visitor to our facility, you may opt out of allowing oaks ‘n acorns to use photographs and recordings taken of you and/or your family. If you do not wish for your child or family to be photographed, or recorded, please specify on your Studio Registration Form or inform the front desk staff.

Play-passes expire 4-months from date of purchase.

Yearly memberships are valid for 12-months from date of purchase, promotional memberships may have another expiry.

All purchases are final. No refunds, transfers or credits.

Outside brought food and beverages are not permitted in our studio (this includes take-out coffee from other establishments) as we have our own studio cafe where you can purchase anything from coffee, tea, snacks and lunch items.

Note we are not a nut free facility so if you are unable to purchase your food from us due to allergies or dietary restrictions we will gladly make an exception (just let us know upon check-in). 

A $100.00+HST non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking to secure requested date and time. Party re-scheduling will only be permitted up 2-weeks prior to the original booked date and is subject to availability. A request must be submitted in writing and is subject to a $20 rebooking fee. Rebooking must occur within 12 months of originally booked date. No refunds, credits or transfers will be allowed on the non-refundable party deposit.

Please refer to our prices on our rates page or under each current terms page.

Policies in effect as of Jan 1, 2019, these policies replace all old policies.



Program Cancellations (withdrawals)

Program withdrawal before the program start date: A full refund is eligible; minus a $25 withdrawal fee. 

Program withdrawal after the program start date: Program withdrawal after the 1st, 2nd or 3rd scheduled class will receive a pro-rated credit to their oaks ‘n acorns account; minus a $25 withdrawal fee.  

Program withdrawals will not be accepted after the 3rd scheduled class.  No refund or credit is eligible.

Program Transfers

Program transfers prior to the 3rd scheduled class: Transfers into an eligible class will be accepted with no additional fee.

Program transfers after to the 3rd scheduled class: Transfers into an eligible class will be accepted with $15 administrative fee. Transfers are based on class availability and are within the same term only.


Camp Cancellations (withdrawals)

Camp withdrawal with more than 7 days notice: A full refund is eligible; minus a $50 camp withdrawal fee.

Camp withdrawal with less than 7 days notice:  No refund or credit is eligible.

Withdrawals will not be accepted when less then 7-days cancellation notice is given and the full amount is forfeited whether attending or not.  Camp days not attended or only partially attended will not be refunded, credited, nor will any makeup camp day be given. This includes missed days due to sickness or other unforeseen events.

Camp Transfers

Camp transfer with more than 7 days notice: Transfers into an eligible camp will be accepted; minus a $15 transfer fee.

Camp transfer with less than 7 days notice: Transfers into an eligible camp will be accepted; minus a $50 transfer fee.

Birthday Parties 

Party Cancellations

Party cancellation at any time: $100+hst non-refundable deposit is forfeited upon cancellation.  

Party Rescheduling (to another date)

Party rescheduling with more than 2 weeks notice: Rescheduling is eligible for up to one year;  $20 rescheduling fee is due upon rebooking.

Workshops, Specialty Programs, Single Sessions, Play, Memberships

Cancellations (withdrawals)

Non-attended or cancelled Workshops, Specialty Programs, Single Session Programs, Play Passes, and Membership purchases:

No refund or credit is eligible.

Can I purchase a gift certificate?

YES, you can purchase it online below or by visiting us in-studio. You can select any amount you would like. Our gift cards can be transferred if you are not sure which location to purchase from.

Danforth Gift Cards Choose Any Amount

Junction Gift Cards Choose Any Amount